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No Gravity 2.0

Enjoy this amazing space shooter called "No Gravity"
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"No Gravity" is an awesome science fiction game where you will find yourself piloting a powerful spacecraft in a futuristic atmosphere and in the middle of space battles. It is the year 8002 and there's a big empire called "KROSSO" divided into thousands of colonies. You will have to face the powerful army of this empire.

The game has fifty five missions and ten training stages. Each of these missions is full of surprises, and in order to complete them, you will have to perform many actions like destroying enemy spacecrafts, cleaning up routes of enemy mines, etc.

The game's interface manages excellent 3D graphics and nice visual effects. The sounds and background music are also good. In order to pilot the spectacular spacecraft, you can use your mouse, and the first time you play it's not so easy to control it, that's why I'd recommend you to complete the training stages first.

To sum up, if you are looking for a new shooter game with exciting missions and many nice effects, then I'm sure that you will like "No Gravity" a lot. Besides, it's totally free.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very nice 3D graphics
  • Nice sound and visual effects


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